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April 24th, 2003

Yay! High drawing mojo, but that means low writing mojo. Bleh. This sucks for my writing group is meeting on the 1st, and I don't know what state my story is going to be in when I hand it in. Blah! Anyway, wow antoher comic. 10k hit pic will be done soon, just gonna colour it. Thanks again for your support, everyone. ^__^


April 21st, 2003

Alright, so I finally got out of my un-drawing groove. So here is a comic update and a new front page image. Hope you like.


April 3rd, 2003

If anyone missed the April Fool's special you can see it here. Anyhoo, I am planning to have a comic this weekend, this week has been nuts and my to-do list is about three feet long. But, in the words of Candas, "Never apologize, never explain."


April 1st, 2003

The image sez it all. Top cow for all! X-X


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