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March 24th, 2003

Extra, extra! Get yer comic update here! Bear with me while the style changes, I'm still experimenting until I settle down with one style, I was even considering pure chibi for a while. Anyhoo, hope you like it!


March 18th, 2003

Thank you all for being patient with me, sorry for the lack of comics, my body decided to get sick for the last two-three weeks. Hopefully I will be able to get a new one up by Friday. Thanks to Ally, who did this wonderful filler. I really like this line art, I find it gorgeous. Anyway, I coloured it and look, that's calligraphy not computer font in the corner. Damn, that stuff takes patience, I'm telling you! See you on the flip side.


February 23rd, 2003

Whee! New comic today! Anyway, uhmmm this one took me longer than I had hoped to do. I dragged it out for a bout a week then finished it in about a half hour cause I wanted to get it up. Basically I have been really busy the last week or so looking for work and applying to go back to school this fall, and my creative energy is pretty low right now. So sorry if the art quality isn't that great <__< Anyway, I love hearing from you guys! Use the tagboard! Drop a note in the forum!! We don't bite . . . hard. P.S. Does anyone else find suspicious innuendos in the Zephyr Song? Maybe it's just Ally and I.
Disclaimer: Puck really is a non-crazy un-knife wielding person. He does have a certain affiliation with marshmallows, however.


February 14th, 2003

Hey folks! Sorry no comic update this week. But I've updated with some new fan art, one from my friend Matt and a front page image by Ally. Thanks you guys!! I did want to a V-day special, but lack any inspiration to draw much of anything this week. Feel free to leave a message in the snazzy new tag board! ^__^


February 9th, 2003

Keenspace is messed, so this update I'm not even going to hypothesize what is going on. So a little about today's comic, it features a buddy from the pOnju forum, Puck, as someone Ally and I encountered in real life. This is a warning to you all, if you ask to be in the comic and don't give me a story arc to put you in, I'll do what I want with ya. XDDD


February 2nd, 2003

Okay so apparently it is updating on some other schedule than originally though. Strange. Anyway, I forgot in my last update to tell you Ally helped me draw the most recent comic. Thanks Ally!!


January 31st, 2003

Hey folks! Guess what? Keenspace is still acting up. Now I have to solely rely on what MsMatchers is set on for automatic updates! (Tuesday Night/Wednesday morn') Instead of being able to go in and manually update the site, I have to get everything in before the auto kicks in if I want it to update the site with the stuff. Evil, eh? Anyway, you should be reading this around Wednesday as a result.

Check out the r0xing fan art from Sarah, creator of Flesh and Blood in the Gallery section! Thanks Sarah!!

Live long, and eat junk food!

January 23rd, 2003

As most of you probably noticed, keenspace has been down for the last few days. And is actually down as I am writing this. So, hopefully it'll be back up again soon. I posted the update for Wednesday in the forum so that people would have access to the new comic despite keenspace being down.
Check out the awesome fan art from Eunice P of Ghost Hunters in the Gallery section! Thanks Eunice, you rock!
Live long, and eat junk food!

January 15th, 2003

Alright folks, *takes deep breath* here it is! Back again! MsMatchers in full force. Or I would just like to think that :/ Hehhe. Anyway, new stuff! Yay! Look around the site, check stuff out if you haven't already. Thanks everyone who has and will support us, even if it was only visiting once. So yes, from now it'll just be me doing the stories and art. But I've got no place to go but up. Will be weird referring to myself as just "I," I'm so used to "we."
Updates will be sporadic! I'm not making any promises cause they usually aren't kept. I'll try to update at least weekly, maybe twice weekly if possible.
Live long, and eat junk food!

January 04th, 2003

Well all, it's a new year and I hope you all have a good one! So, this update all I have to say is that I haven't been able to get much done since the last update, unfortunately Ally is too busy with other things BUT don't worry, MsMatchers will still be back. It will just be a solo flight this time. So I have gotten the gallery page fully redone, incorporating the Fan Art page into it. I will quickly be doing the Links, Cast and Shop pages tonight before I go to bed.

Peace Out,


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